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tenp02 (Sashiko-Weave from Fukushima)


Sashiko-weaving is developed at Fukushima by Miwa-Orimono. This beautiful fabric is characterized its geometrical patterns and the texture it creates on the woven surface. Abstracted pattering of flora and fauna prompts multiple inspirations within users. Each piece in this collection is unique, with no two products alike. This is due to the technique of weaving a larger textile and then cutting them to size.

tenp02 (Sashiko-Weave from Fukushima) coaster

product name tenp02 coaster
size 11cm × 11cm
country made in Japan
material cotton 100%
price ¥450 + TAX
  • book jacket
    book jacket
  • lunch mat
    lunch mat
  • otedama
  • gamaguchi sei
    gamaguchi sei
  • gamaguchi long
    gamaguchi long
  • card case
    card case
  • cushion cover
    cushion cover
  • handkerchief
  • pen case
    pen case
  • pouch
  • mini bag
    mini bag
  • oversizedhandkerchief